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Alina Alina

A Latvian company, ALINA works primarily with the coatings industry and markets a new, cutting-edge material that prevents a range of microbes, fungi, and moulds from growing on the exterior…

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Bemz Bemz

Innovate, individualize, reuse, remake, reinvent, design, and dream…all these aspirations and actions are at the core of what Bemz is all about. Founded by the imaginative Lesley Pennington, BEMZ creates…

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Frischepost Frischepost

Frischepost delivers local food directly from the farmer to the urban end-consumers. The company creates extensive transparency about the origin and the manufacture of each product and achieves revolutionary freshness…

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Consumer Goods
Mighty Well Mighty Well

Mighty Well is the kind of company that springs up when impressive women with great ideas devote themselves to helping others. It’s a motivational business with outstanding aims. Mighty Well…

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Emily Levy
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Beryl Beryl

Beryl is a brilliant cycling company whose goals are local, global and totally humane. Its main ambition is to make cities greener by contributing to an urban transport system that…

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Environmental Services
Gruten Gruten

Founded by the irrepressible Siri Mittet, Gruten is a fabulous venture recycling something that many of us don’t spend a second thinking about – used coffee grounds. In Norway alone…

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