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Information Technology
SoapboxLabs SoapboxLabs

High-end technology, a wonderful set of founders, a focus on children, fast-growth, and a love of education – Soapbox Labs really does have it all. The group is a voice…

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SocialCar SocialCar

SocialCar is the world’s first peer-to-peer car-sharing company. That’s usually all one needs to know. You rent a car from another person that owns a car via the internet. However,…

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Art & Design
Somadome Somadome

Sarah Attia has enjoyed a life bursting with activity. It has included teaching, working in various industries, and travelling the world. She has spent time in around 41 countries, worked…

Year founded
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Sunfed Meats Sunfed Meats

Plant-based protein that tastes, feels and smell like the real thing? Sunfed meats may have just cracked the recipe to make carnivores enjoy both the meats they love and feel…

Year founded
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Wellness & Fitness
Swimma Swimma

Swimma was founded by one mother’s frustration over not been able to find a swimming cap that could fit over her long locs and her daughter’s afro hair. So she…

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Talor Made Talor Made

The problem with some coffee bars is that the coffee is bland and the pastries are terrible. The problem with the other coffee bars (those that have good coffee) is…

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