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Apparel & Fashion
Thinx Thinx

Thinx likes to think of itself as a company at the vanguard of the women’s liberation movement. Why? Because it provides period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps…

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Thistle farms Thistle farms

Thistle Farms is in the business of healing, care and recovery.  This is a serious business with lovely products that needs as much support as people can offer. The group…

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What do a banana peel and a Tipa Bio-Plastic pouch have in common? Wait for it! They both decompose in a compost pile. Compostable pro-plastic packaging from Tipa feels like…

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Tribo Tribo

How do you lead a group that is not physically together? How do you share values and inspire teammates across screens? How do you make remote – and every day…

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Unconventional Capital Unconventional Capital

Entrepreneurial potential is global, but opportunity is not. Uncap aims to change that. We make seed funding accessible to every good entrepreneur. With our data-driven solution centred on humanizing and…

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Health & Wellbeing
Wazi Vision Wazi Vision

Wazi Vision is a female-founded, female-led business based in Kampala, Uganda that has developed a scalable means of upcycling “waste” – such as plastic – into sustainable, high quality eye wear…

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