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WearWell WearWell

WearWell is all about delivering consciously-made clothing, curated just for you – and this is the reason we’ve fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with them. If you’re fully into…

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Wonderbag Wonderbag

One of the hardest and most dangerous things that women in rural parts of Africa experience is gathering the most basic of resources: food, water and biomass for heat. This…

Year founded
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Wrappily Wrappily

Sara Smith is the founder of Wrappily, an eco-friendly and adorably chic outfit that is changing how we present gifts. What Sara has done is deliver a whole new take…

Year founded
Sara Smith
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Yes Yes Company Yes Yes Company

People are constantly monitoring and analysing the ingredients and components that go into so many of the products they use. Foods, clothes, toys, paints…you name it, someone has decided to…

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Consumer Goods
Yoni Yoni

In 2011, a specialist advised Mariah Mansvelt Beck to start using organic tampons and pads. This was the first time she’d ever thought about her sanitary choices. Upon investigation, she…

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