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Evrnu Evrnu

Nothing screams circular economy and environmental care louder than EVRNU – it is inspiring, innovative and is a total game changer for the textile industry. CEO, Stacy Flynn, spent time…

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Olio Olio

The ever-inspiring Tessa Clarke is the co-founder and CEO of OLIO, a free app that connects users who have unwanted food (households or local businesses) with neighbours living nearby who…

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Computer Software
Acerta Acerta

Acerta provides a machine learning platform that detects malfunction and predicts failures for vehicles coming off the assembly line and being driven.

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Art & Design
Somadome Somadome

Sarah Attia has enjoyed a life bursting with activity. It has included teaching, working in various industries, and travelling the world. She has spent time in around 41 countries, worked…

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What do a banana peel and a Tipa Bio-Plastic pouch have in common? Wait for it! They both decompose in a compost pile. Compostable pro-plastic packaging from Tipa feels like…

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Environmental Services
Gruten Gruten

Founded by the irrepressible Siri Mittet, Gruten is a fabulous venture recycling something that many of us don’t spend a second thinking about – used coffee grounds. In Norway alone…

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