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BrightGreen Renewable Energy BrightGreen Renewable Energy

Anything named Bright Green Renewable Energy is always going to be a force for good in the world, and so it is with this group. It wants to protect the…

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Apparel & Fashion
Buy Me Once Buy Me Once

Poorly made, wasteful products could be a thing of the past if BuyMeOnce continues to thrive. Their aim is simple: find a version of every product that can stand the…

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Apparel & Fashion
Cobbler’s Suggest Cobbler’s Suggest

Businesses that are inspired by the everyday experiences of women are often destined to succeed. Cobbler’s Suggest is one such business. It is a thriving shoe repair operation that came…

Year founded
Claire Yan
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Conscious City Guides Conscious City Guides

“Tired of visiting chain stores and international cafe chains when traveling? Conscious City Guides was created in an effort to highlight a more mindful way of traveling. It’s amazing that…

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Coolar Coolar

Brilliant, Simple, Sustainable – three words that could easily be used to describe Coolar and yet they still don’t fully convey the energy and passion this group devotes to making…

Year founded
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CosmEthics CosmEthics

The CosmEthics App enables you to make safe cosmetic choices. By simply scanning a product barcode, you can get all manner of hazard or allergy profile warnings, and further recommendation…

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