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Boston, USA
Sharon Kan
Sharon Kan
CEO & Co Founder Pepperlane
Constantly seeking boundless ideas that can be built from inception to real ventures with potential for high growth markets. Inspired and fulfilled by changing people’s life, and especially passionate about changing the world with…
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San Francisco, US 
Shobha Philips
Apparel & Fashion
Shobha Philips
Founder Proclaim
I started Proclaim because I was tired of not being able to find a nude bra that matched my brown skin.  My experience shopping for a nude bra was sometimes laughable.  From having someone try to convince me a traditional beige…
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Shontay Lundy
Shontay Lundy
Creator & Founder Black Girl Sunscreen
Shontay is the creator and founder of Black Girl Sunscreen a sunscreen made specifically for Women of Color. Passionate about spreading awareness around melanoma and the fact that darker skin is suspectible to sunburn…
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Oslo, Norway
Siri Mittet
Siri Mittet
Founder & CEO Gruten
Siri was born and raised in Ålesund, Norway. She has a master’s degree in Public Health and in Environment and Sustainable Development from England and the USA. For a long time she has been concerned with resource issues and after…
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Riga, Latvia
Solvita Kostjukova
Solvita Kostjukova
Partner & CEO Alina
Solvita Kostjukova, co-founder and CEO of ALINA, has extensive business leadership skills and key competence in product R&D. She has 10+ years’ experience running science management within universities and public companies and…
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Sophie Sellu
Art & Design
Sophie Sellu
Creator/Director Grain & Knot
Sophie Sellu is a woman with a love of art and creativity, but it is the ancient art of wood-workding that takes a central place in her life and her business. Funnily enough for a person who is categorically an expert now, Sophie didn…
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Sophie Zepnik
Wellness & Fitness
Sophie Zepnik
Co-Founder hejhej-mats
Anna Souvignier and I started to develop hejhej-mats during our Master Programme in Leadership for Sustainability in Sweden. With hejhej-mats we are offering the first holistic closed-looped yoga mat. This means, our yoga mats are not only…
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