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Antonia Saint Dunbar
Antonia Saint Dunbar
Co-Founder Thinx
Antonia ia serial entrepreneur. The focus of her companies are to provide much-needed solutions for women, and sustainable alternatives for the planet. With THINX, Inc., she created performance underwear, activewear and other reusable…
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Kampala, Uganda
Brenda Katwesigye
Health & Wellbeing
Brenda Katwesigye
Co-founder & CEO  Wazi Vision
Brenda serves as the CEO at Wazi. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering but is also a risk professional who oversees  She is a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow and has also previously served on the Regional Advisory Board…
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Elina Willert
Elina Willert
Founder Playpulse
Meet Elina, Co-Founder and until recently CEO of Playpulse. Her company, turns high-intensity interval training on gym bikes and soon rowing machines into a fully-fledged computer gaming experience. In short, they turn exercise into a…
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Munich, Germany
Franziska Reh
Franziska Reh
Co-Founder & CEO  Unconventional Capital
Franziska Reh is the CEO of Unconventional Capital (Uncap) – a fintech company, she co-founded with Elisabeth Mohr in 2019, which is on a mission to revolutionize access to seed funding for entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan…
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