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New York, USA
Miki Agrawal
Miki Agrawal
Founder Tushy
Miki is something of an inspiration to many different people, in many different sectors, across many borders. She belongs to a select group of women who can call themselves serial entrepreneurs having founded a raft of acclaimed social…
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Shanghai City, China
Claire Yan
Claire Yan
Founder Cobbler’s Suggest
Claire Yan’s successful shoe repair business owes a lot to her digital marketing experience, her keen sense of customer service, and her love of quality products. That said, her deep knowledge of the craftsmanship in the luxury shoes…
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Stockholm, Sweden
Lesley Pennington
Lesley Pennington
Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board Bemz
A Canadian newly transplanted to Stockholm, Lesley was keen to adopt the Swedish lifestyle and find a cottage by the water. When it came time to furnish her new abode, naturally she went to IKEA where she chose a white Tomelilla sofa…
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San Francisco, USA
Augustina Sartori
Augmented Reality
Augustina Sartori
Founder & CEO GlamST
Agustina Sartori Odizzio is the CEO and Founder of GlamST, a Virtual Makeup Platform designed for beauty brands and retailers that allows women to try on makeup from anywhere, anytime. The technology can be embedded in mobile apps, e-…
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