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Komen, Slovenia
Ursula Lavrencic
Ursula Lavrencic
Co Founder & CEO Kobi App
Ursula Lavrenčič is the co-founder of Hopalai, the start-up behind the learning tool Kobi. She came up with the idea when she became aware of dyslexia from close by, as her daughter was coping with it. She is a creative thinker with…
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Bogota, Columbia
Vicky Ricaurte
Vicky Ricaurte
Co-founder & CEO Arukay
Ana Victoria Ricaurte is a woman who has been feted as one of the most innovative and energetic forces in Colombia and the wider Latin American world. Her business is a curriculum teaching and learning system for schools that follows a…
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Kastrup, Denmark
Vigga Svensson
Vigga Svensson
Co-Founder Vigga
Award winning serial entrepreneur specialised in innovative business models based on circular economy. Currently creating systemic change in the textile industry with – the world’s first white label platform…
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Accra, Ghana
Violet Awo Amoabeng
Violet Awo Amoabeng
Founder & CEO  Skin Gourmet
Violet Awo Amoabeng is a woman who sees the beauty in the world and everyone around her. Honest in her approach to life – and her business – Violet is unafraid to talk of her spiritual beliefs and how she incorporates these into…
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Yelitsa Jean-Charles
Children's toys
Yelitsa Jean-Charles
As she was growing up, Yelitsa Jean Charles was one of many girls who didn’t feel that they matched the ideal beauty stereotypes portrayed through toys, clothes and the media. This is the reason she set out to fight for the right of…
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