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Chaymeriyia Moncrief
Consumer Services
Chaymeriyia Moncrief
An entrepreneur from an early age Chaymeriyia Moncrief is a woman on a mission to succeed. Chaymeriyia’s entrepreneurship started at just aged 12 when she started a branding agency that she turned into a business when she reached age…
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Berlin, Germany
Julia Römer
Julia Römer
Co-founder and CEO Coolar
Julia Römer is a wonderful scientist who is changing the world of medical refrigeration in developing countries through application of a weird-sounding technology – ‘Cooling with Heat’. Of course, to get to this point…
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Awkland, New Zealand
Shama Sukul-Lee
Shama Sukul-Lee
Founder & CEO Sunfed Meats
An experienced software programmer and product architect, Shama has developed a rare combined skillset of software development, technical architecture, product management and commercial strategy, built through extensive hands-on…
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Evry, France
Sandra Rey
Sandra Rey
Founder & CEO Glowee
Sandra Rey is an entrepreneur that will light up your life – both with the force of her personality and the bioluminescence tech she hopes will replace conventional lighting. Sandra had originally aspired to work in fashion and…
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San Fransisco, USA
Ran Ma
Ran Ma
Co Founder & CEO Siren
Ran Man is a Biomedical Engineer and entrepreneur, committed to reconciling the dual realms of bio-business and medicine. She has a special interest in the Scandinavian region with a focus in Heath-Care Consulting, Nordic-Asia Business…
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Merete Nygaard
Merete Nygaard
Founder & CEO Lawbotics
Merete is a lawyer turned entrepreneur – with her heart in innovation. After nearly a decade working with world-renowned law firms and having tech firms, brand-owners and entrepreneurs as clients, she decided to jump off the beaten…
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San Francisco, USA
Davida Herzl
Artificial Intelligance
Davida Herzl
Co Founder & CEO Aclima
Davida Herzl is the CEO and co-founder of Aclima and it’s her personal mission to build a more environmentally intelligent society. Aclima delivers hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions data and insights to improve human and…
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