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Evry, France
Sandra Rey
Sandra Rey
Founder & CEO Glowee
Sandra Rey is an entrepreneur that will light up your life – both with the force of her personality and the bioluminescence tech she hopes will replace conventional lighting. Sandra had originally aspired to work in fashion and…
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Maui, Hawai
Sara Smith
Consumer products
Sara Smith
Founder & CEO Wrappily
Sarah grew up in the printing industry (this is where we all say thanks to her Dad!) and her affinity for old fashion printing presses continued to grow during a decade spent working in the publishing industry. Apparently, she just…
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Awkland, New Zealand
Shama Sukul-Lee
Shama Sukul-Lee
Founder & CEO Sunfed Meats
An experienced software programmer and product architect, Shama has developed a rare combined skillset of software development, technical architecture, product management and commercial strategy, built through extensive hands-on…
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Washington, USA
Stacy Flynn
Stacy Flynn
Co-Founder & CEO Evrnu
Stacy is a textile and apparel specialist with a BSc in Textile Development & Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology and an MBA in Sustainable Systems from Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot University. That’…
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Kastrup, Denmark
Vigga Svensson
Vigga Svensson
Co-Founder Vigga
Award winning serial entrepreneur specialised in innovative business models based on circular economy. Currently creating systemic change in the textile industry with – the world’s first white label platform…
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London, UK
Tessa Clarke
Consumer products
Tessa Clarke
Co-Founder & CEO Olio
A digital native NED and CEO/Managing Director of OLIO, Tessa thrives in challenging environments and has a strong track record of driving change. Tessa uses her excellent strategic ability to get alignment around a vision, and…
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Ontario, Canada
Greta Cutulenco
Greta Cutulenco
CEO Acerta
Greta is a natural leader with extensive knowledge and skills in the automotive industry. She spent years working for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers in various positions. At Bombardier and Magna she handled system analysis and…
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