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Dallas, USA
Sara Shadonix
Food & Beverages
Sara Shadonix
Founder & CEO Scout & Cellar
CEO of Scout & Cellar, Sarah Shadonix, passionately believes that wine should be free of any and all cruel chemicals and should be created with conscious care. This is why all the wines at Scout & Cellar are embossed with the clean…
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Paris, France
Julia Bijaoui
Julia Bijaoui
Co Founder & Co-CEO Frichti
Julia Bijaoui’s success at Frichti is hardly surprising as she has been excelling at everything she has turned her hand to these past 30 years. She undertook two years of intensive economics and maths tuituion to secure a place at the…
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Deborah Ntawigirira
Deborah Ntawigirira
Founder Izere coffee
It’s a rare thing in life when you get to meet somebody that embodies integrity, kindness and entrepreneurial spirit, but co-founder of Izere Coffee, Deborah Ntawigiria is one of these people. Everything Deborah does is done with…
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London, UK
Tessa Clarke
Consumer products
Tessa Clarke
Co-Founder & CEO Olio
A digital native NED and CEO/Managing Director of OLIO, Tessa thrives in challenging environments and has a strong track record of driving change. Tessa uses her excellent strategic ability to get alignment around a vision, and…
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