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Munich, Germany
Franziska Reh
Franziska Reh
Co-Founder & CEO  Unconventional Capital
Franziska Reh is the CEO of Unconventional Capital (Uncap) – a fintech company, she co-founded with Elisabeth Mohr in 2019, which is on a mission to revolutionize access to seed funding for entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan…
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Ida Tin
Ida Tin
Ida Tin is the CEO and Co-Founder of female health app Clue (, the free-to-download, free-to-use period tracking app, designed to help women around the world track their periods and better understand their bodies. Ida…
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Seattle, USA
Melissa Strawn
Melissa Strawn
CEO & Founder MyPeople Now
Very few people are able to claim that they have radically altered an entire sector. Melissa Strawn is one of them. She has changed the world of freelancing via her company, MyPeopleNow. It promotes a clever inclusiveness ideal that has…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Alina Russ
Alina Russ
Founder Lola’s Vegan Kitchen
The history of Lola’s Vegan Kitchen is deeply intertwined with the personal dietary experiences of Alina Russ. After being diagnosed with both gluten and lactose intolerance, Alina struggled to enjoy any form of dessert and had almost…
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