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London, UK
Emily Forbes
Emily Forbes
Founder Seenit
If you haven’t yet checked-out Seenit, do so immediately. Its a pioneering platform that allows individuals, businesses and organisations to produce videos via clever crowdsourcing. Those who want to make a video put up a detailed brief…
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Cicero, USA
Elena Favili
Elena Favili
Founder and Chief Creative Officer Rebel Girls
Elena Favili is one impressive half of a co-founding dream pair. A journalist, Elena struggled to find good characters that could be role models for girls in books and the media. When she couldn’t find any she decided to create some with…
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Oslo, Norway
Ida Eliassen-Coker
Ida Eliassen-Coker
Founder & Editor in Chief Altså Magazine
IDA ELIASSEN-COKER is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Norwegian magazine Altså. This is an amazing venture. It was founded because Ida wanted to write about a world where everyone feels safe and inspired to follow their own dreams…
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