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Helsinki, Finland
Katariina Rantanen
Katariina Rantanen
Founder & CEO CosmEthics
Katariina Rantanen, founder of CosmEthics, is an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven businesses that put mission and social purpose first. The company has built an application, which is free for consumers, to help make…
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Awkland, New Zealand
Shama Sukul-Lee
Shama Sukul-Lee
Founder & CEO Sunfed Meats
An experienced software programmer and product architect, Shama has developed a rare combined skillset of software development, technical architecture, product management and commercial strategy, built through extensive hands-on…
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Maui, Hawai
Sara Smith
Consumer products
Sara Smith
Founder & CEO Wrappily
Sarah grew up in the printing industry (this is where we all say thanks to her Dad!) and her affinity for old fashion printing presses continued to grow during a decade spent working in the publishing industry. Apparently, she just…
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Nairobi, Kenya
Chebet Lesan
Chebet Lesan
Founder & CEO BrightGreen Renewable Energy
Chebet is an energetic, diplomatic and self driven designer with a positive attitude and a strong team-spirit. As a quick and resourceful learner, she focuses towards meeting her goals, viewing challenges only as a chance to learn more. She…
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San Francisco, USA
Davida Herzl
Artificial Intelligance
Davida Herzl
Co Founder & CEO Aclima
Davida Herzl is the CEO and co-founder of Aclima and it’s her personal mission to build a more environmentally intelligent society. Aclima delivers hyperlocal air pollution and climate emissions data and insights to improve human and…
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