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Oslo, Norway
Talor Browne
Talor Browne
Founder & CEO Talor Made
The problem with some coffee bars is that the coffee is bland and the pastries are terrible. The problem the other coffee bars (those that have good coffee) is that the baristas and the owners are a bit too cool for school. These outlets…
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Zurich, Switzerland
Alina Russ
Alina Russ
Founder Lola’s Vegan Kitchen
The history of Lola’s Vegan Kitchen is deeply intertwined with the personal dietary experiences of Alina Russ. After being diagnosed with both gluten and lactose intolerance, Alina struggled to enjoy any form of dessert and had almost…
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New York, USA
Nichole Dunst
Nichole Dunst
Founder Conscious City Guides
As a experienced flight attendant, Nichole Dunst knows a thing or two about travel. She knows what is should be, what it shouldn’t be and everything else in between. Nichole also knows a thing or two about what it means to truly value…
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London, UK
Tessa Clarke
Consumer products
Tessa Clarke
Co-Founder & CEO Olio
A digital native NED and CEO/Managing Director of OLIO, Tessa thrives in challenging environments and has a strong track record of driving change. Tessa uses her excellent strategic ability to get alignment around a vision, and…
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