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Oslo, Norway
Christine Corkery Steinsholt
Christine Corkery Steinsholt
Founder & CEO Listfully
Conversations with Christine Corkery Steinsholt are an absolute joy. She is open and honest, funny and entertaining, and boasts a light-touch inquisitiveness that is disarming and effective. She’s also a brilliant listener, a skill…
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Oslo, Norway
Ingvill Kerob
Ingvill Kerob
Founder & CEO  Repairable
It’s fair to say that Ingvill Kerob knows a thing or two about project management, having spent the best part of a decade working various project management roles for two of the world’s largest food groups (Nestle and Mondelez). She’…
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Ontario, Canada
Chrissy Gow
Augmented Reality
Chrissy Gow
Founder AccesAR
Young, healthy, ambitious and successful – Chrissy Gow is an inspiration to young women everywhere. During the working day, though, she is the founder and CEO of social media & interactive augmented reality experts AccessAR…
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Barcelona, Spain
Mar Alarcón Batlle
Consumer Services
Mar Alarcón Batlle
Founder & CEO SocialCar
Easily one of Spain’s foremost entrepreneurs, Mar has her creative fingers in many pies. She’s a published author, renewable energy entrepreneur, tax-specialist, language genius, and passionately active in local public affairs (check…
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Helsinki, Finland
Katariina Rantanen
Katariina Rantanen
Founder & CEO CosmEthics
Katariina Rantanen, founder of CosmEthics, is an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven businesses that put mission and social purpose first. The company has built an application, which is free for consumers, to help make…
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Bergen ,Norway
Monica Vaksdal
Artificial Intelligance
Monica Vaksdal
Founder & CEO Think Outside
If Norway is ever able to reduce its reliance on oil and gas, it will have people like Monica Vaksdal to thank for the post-oil economy that might emerge. Monica is a trained geologist who has worked with the world’s leading oil…
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New York, USA
Miki Agrawal
Miki Agrawal
Founder Tushy
Miki is something of an inspiration to many different people, in many different sectors, across many borders. She belongs to a select group of women who can call themselves serial entrepreneurs having founded a raft of acclaimed social…
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