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BrightGreen Renewable Energy

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About Us

Anything named Bright Green Renewable Energy is always going to be a force for good in the world, and so it is with this group. It wants to protect the environment, create jobs, improve health and create clean energy, in Nairobi, Kenya.

BrightGreen works to create modern eco-friendly heating fuels. It was spurred into action after assessing the energy crisis in Kenya. Here, charcoal and wood fuels are an essential energy source with over 80% of the population using these fuels. But (and this part is not surprising), due to the growing demand, the production of charcoal led to the destruction of forests. As the shortage of trees intensified, prices for charcoal shot through the roof.

BrightGreen has a simple solution for all, with concern for the environment at its core. It designs, produces and distributes, carbonized and non-carbonised, heating briquettes using recycled organic waste collected from different areas on Kenya. These fuel blocks are an affordable, eco-fuel substitute for both households and industries.

Founder Chebat Lesan characterises her entire approach as a business built on  ‘mindful thinking’, saying ‘This is what makes this business so great and it will hopefully lead the way in producing clean, efficient energy for the whole of Africa’.

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  • Recycled Organics
  • Renewable Energy
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