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About Us

ImpactMapper is a digital platform that transforms extensive, arduous data into information that can be easily represented. Tools offered by ImpactMapper such as the Visual Data Overview — means you can visually track, measure and communicate social impact trends. More importantly, the tools help organisations think through what data could be useful at providing positive, actionable results for communities globally.

More often than not, numbers don’t mean much to the everyday person. ImpactMapper is here to say numbers alone do not tell the whole story — especially when thinking about longer-term societal change processes, such as increasing human rights and eradicating gender inequalities.

This innovative method of visually displaying information is proving to be a game-changer not only for business and organisations but to the ordinary person. ImpactMapper is giving the opportunity for ordinary people to become more educated and well-informed through visual representation leaving all the daunting numerical data behind.

Recently, ARQAAM has used ImpactMapper on several projects, ranging from desk reviews, analysing message testing results of a social behaviour change campaign, as well as to systematically evaluate Most Significant Change Stories from women in eastern Afghanistan.

Philanthropist and founder of ImpactMapper, Alexandra Pittman, has dedicated many years of her life in providing a service to other passionate humanitarians who want to see change on a variety of issues. Alexandra continues to pave the way in providing organisations with the tools to better track and communicate social change and share the stories that matter most.

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