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About Us

Kahmune [ com·mune ] is a luxury line offering an array of footwear styles designed to match the skin tones of ALL women. We have spent countless hours researching shades in order to ensure that we are able to serve the majority of complexions around the globe. At present, we offer our styles in 10 colors ranging from the fairest of skin tones to the darkest of brown. Our color palette is inspired by the diverse regions of the world. Each shade is named after the women whose skin tones have inspired us throughout this journey. Each style is named after a different woman who has played a pivotal role in our founder’s life. 

Kahmune shoes are made from premium leathers sourced directly from Italy. We have ensured that all our hides are produced in factories that adhere to strict European manufacturing standards in order to minimize any detrimental effects on the environment. Each shoe is handmade by artisans with years of experience resulting in a quality that rivals some of the most well-respected brands on the market. 

Kahmune is more than just a footwear line. We are a brand with a clear message. Representation matters. Diversity matters. Inclusion matters. We celebrate it all! Investing in our brand is an investment in yourself and the pride you have for the skin that you are in. 

Kahmune is a symbol of change- the new normal.

We want our customers to wear our shoes with pride for many years to come because ladies, let us be clear, your melanin will never go out of style!™

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