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Health is the top priority for many people – actually for most people. One of the problems we face, regardless of where we live or how well we think we manage our diets, is getting the right vitamins and minerals we need, in the right quantities we need them.

Lifestyles can play havoc with this issue. We are increasingly busier and a big slug of the population have a schedule which is super-hectic to say the least. Finding easy diet solutions that fit into these schedules has become ever more important.

One supplement that could make a big difference is Moringa. This is a leafy green considered to be more nutritious than kale and said to have anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as potential advantages for those with diabetes.

The founder of Kuli Kuli Foods, Lisa Curtis, discovered this amazing, healthy food when she was serving in the US peace corps. As a committed vegetarian, she was struggling to get enough nutrition into her diet whilst stationed in Niger. She started to talk to the local women about feeling fatigued and they introduced her to the leaves from the nearby moringa tree which they mixed with kuli kuli, a peanut based snack. Impressed by the outcome, Lisa started to eat it daily. After a time, the local women asked Lisa for help to sell the snack so that they could provide a sustainable income for themselves. Without a seconds thought she agreed to help – and not just to sell it locally. She took the product to America and has worked her magic to enable it to become the world’s leading Moringa brand!

Innovation, diversity, sustainability and social responsbility – all rolled into one leafy hit.

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