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The recruitment market is an old and established business arena which has not had a disruptive force introduced for many years.

To be fair though, getting the right candidate for the job has always been a long, arduous and often costly process for companies. This is why they often turn to recruitment consultants to do much of this hard work for them. But even this choice can consume much time and money – and these consultants are not always guaranteed to succeed.

Lionstep promises a different, disruptive, approach. It uses artificial intelligence and the very latest in data analysis techniques to pair companies and candidates together. According to its own testing, this digital tool ensures clients get the right people to join their team, within a shorter amount of time, than other rivals and solutions. It could be the revolution the digital age has been threatening!

Founder Claudia Winkler has become something of a star in the sector due to Lionstep’s success. Unsurprisingly, she is promising the delivery of ever more sophisticated – and successful – innovations.

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