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About Us

Poundcake Cosmetics, founded by Camille Bell, has set out to challenge the many prevailing flawed ‘beauty standards’ in the cosmetics industry. It is doing this by highlighting the non-inclusivity of dominant brands and the narrow beauty-standards portrayed in the mass-media by these brands.  

Their campaign is grounded in a harsh reality. In a world where many are becoming increasingly aware of – and keen to celebrate – people’s differences, it is disappointing to realize the extent that prejudice and non-inclusivity still pervades society. People of colour frequently complain that the beauty industry is routinely failing them (see this recent article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper), while the trans community have stated many times that they routinely experience mistreatment and exclusion (see this report from (Glaad). 

Poundcake is making a difference by recognising and portraying all manner of different groups, cultures and communities, and making products tuned to their needs. In a wonderful slogan, Poundcake describes itself as pro-black, pro-fat and pro-trans, It has a refreshing attitude and product list to back this up. Among its array of cosmetics, Poundcake is making a range of lipsticks that are designed especially for diverse lip tones, representing as best it can all shades of colour and persuasions. Its also trying to fix regular consumer disappointments – like when many people of colour buy lipstick only to find the colour looks completely different on their skin than it did on the model in the picture.

This, hopefully, could be a thing of the past! 

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