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The simplicity and brilliance of Repairable is what we love about them. Basically, if you love clothes and shoes, if you love fashion and flair, then use Repairable.

So, if your favourite dress gets torn, fix it. If your lucky shirt gets ripped, repair it. If those luxury leather shoes get too scuffed, get them reconditioned. That way you, the retail trade and the community you live in are on a common journey to a sustainable and circular fashion sector.

Repairable has done their part. The repairers on their website are all certified. The service is discreet, reliable and the prices fixed. You just log-on, place your order and find the nearest retail outlet. Once you drop off your clothes/shoes, Repairable communicates with the shop and sends you a text when the repairs are complete.

The retail stores that receive clothing for repair through Repairable’s membership are all actively working to extend the life of textiles and shoes.

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