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One of the hardest and most dangerous things that women in rural parts of Africa experience is gathering the most basic of resources: food, water and biomass for heat. This last item particularly deserves your attention. Walking for miles to collect biomass gives women less time for education or to run a small business It reduces nurturing time with their kids and makes them susceptible to crime.

And it doesn’t end there. When all the items are collected, the cooking must begin. Depending on the region, cooking is often done over an open fire in a poorly ventilated room. The harmful smoke can cause respiratory and other health problems.

How can anyone fix this problem? Well, Wonderbag reckons it has the solution.

Its product is a heat-retention cooker that only requires enough heat to start the cooking process.

The Wonderbag is actually an insulated container made up of two poly-cotton bags filled with polystyrene balls. It can hold a pre-heated dish safely for several hours while cooking its contents through heat retention.

It benefits communities through both the improved air quality in homes, the amount of fuel actually required for cooking and by being a safe and cost effective alternative to biomass. Last, but not least, it gives women back time, that most precious of commodities.

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