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Ann Christine Langselius

Founder & Chairman of Miraculum Fire
Florida, USA
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Ann-Christine Langselius has reinvented the way we protect our belongings from accidental fires.

When she was young, Ann-Christine experienced a fire within her home when a toaster malfunctioned. While her mother was easily able to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading, this experience led Ann-Christine towards finding a solution to both prevent and quickly extinguish fires. Soon she developed Miraculum, an eco-friendly solution that has since been used by the Swedish Government in the assistance of preventing forest fires.

For at-home use, Miraculum is packaged in an appealing spray bottle that is able to fit with any home decor – an upgrade from the typical eyesore.

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Ann-Christine Langselius: Her Miracle Products Prevent Fires
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On The Dot Woman - Dec 16, 2020
Ann-Christine Langselius: Her Miracle Products Prevent Fires

When I caught the toaster on fire as a kid, I stood still, unable to make a quick decision about how to handle it. My mom ran into the room, extinguished the flames and barely winked. I thought it was some superpower only moms had.

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