Elena Favili

Elena Favili

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Rebel Girls
Cicero, USA
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Elena Favili is one impressive half of a co-founding dream pair. A journalist, Elena struggled to find good characters that could be role models for girls in books and the media. When she couldn’t find any she decided to create some with Francesca Cavallo, her co-founder of Timbuktu Labs and Rebel Girls. 

This is how the Rebel Girls was born and it has proved to be a huge success. Rebel Girls is just the start for Elena and the plans are to keep this trend growing and to create more and more healthy role models and inspiration for girls.

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Rebel Girls Turns the Page
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Rebel Girls Turns the Page

A rebel’s approach to the rules of book publishing seems to be working for Elena Favilli, founder and chief executive of Rebel Girls, a Santa Monica-based independent publishing house that has built a brand through empowering girls and women to follow their dreams.

Written by: Diane Haithman
Elena Favili

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