Elina Willert

Elina Willert

Founder of Playpulse
Mini Bio

Meet Elina, Co-Founder and until recently CEO of Playpulse. Her company, turns high-intensity interval training on gym bikes and soon rowing machines into a fully-fledged computer gaming experience. In short, they turn exercise into a video game. Yes you heard correctly, into a video game! Making exercise more accessible and fun for everyone. Their goal is to motivate more people to exercise and battle sedentary lifestyles across the globe – to bring ‘Gamexercize’ to the masses! And we wholehearted champion that! Fun fact, they recently got Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on a gym bike to test Play Pulse out! Kudos.

Play Pulse have come a long way since we met them a few years back. They raised over 300 million kroner in funds from both the Research Council and NTNU Discovery, Norway’s leading tech incubator STARTUPLAB through their investor community, Founders Fund. They also received further funding from the accelerator program nHack, and AngelChallenge investor program in Trondheim.

What we admire the most about Elina is her mental focus. As she explains on her LinkedIn profile: “I really thrive when there is action, especially when it comes to bringing new products to the market. I have an open and positive nature that makes me a natural communicator. My experience from entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship has taught me the importance of always doing my absolute best to reach business targets.”

Oh and did we mention that Elina holds a double Masters in Engineering. Enough said!

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