Hanneke Stegweg

Hanneke Stegweg

Founder of iLost
Zutphen, Netherlands
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Many moons ago, the wonderfully likeable Hanneke Stegweg lost her camera – something that has happened to hordes of people around the globe. Hanneke’s pics were, to her, irreplaceable, but the negative experience sparked a few positive ideas:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a lost-and-found service online?

Wouldn’t its rock if this service connected sectors like Public Transport, Hotels, the Leisure industry, retail outlets?

And what if this simple software/App service made the job of reuniting people with their lost items easy, efficient and (and here’s the most important bit) FUN?

Well, the idea was great but the company Hanneke has built – Ilost – is even better. So far, over 250 organisations ‘in all segments, sizes and countries’ are now part of the Ilost universe, including giants such as Arriva, Transdev, IKEA, Pathe Cinemas and Meininger Hotels.

Hanneke says that what she has done so far is just the beginning, and we’re inclined to believe her. After all, she’s not just a ‘Lost and Found’ expert, she is a serious logistics expert, a program and project management expert. She has worked as a supply-chain-management consultant for IBM and has even done a stint as the Manager of Warehouse Engineering Department for Philips. She’s putting all this amazing expertise to good use – to put a smile on the face of anyone who has lost something that they really need to get back.

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