Ida Eliassen-Coker

Ida Eliassen-Coker

Founder & Editor in Chief of Altså Magazine
Oslo, Norway
Mini Bio

IDA ELIASSEN-COKER is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Norwegian magazine Altså. This is an amazing venture. It was founded because Ida wanted to write about a world where everyone feels safe and inspired to follow their own dreams instead of living according to the expectations of others. She also wanted a magazine to show that the real life, the real occupation and the real you are good enough. To this end, Altså aspires to enable people to wonder and reflect on their their own and others’ lives. It wants to strengthen the belief that the world will become more inclusive and fairer if we all ensure everyone is believed, heard and respected.

If you’ve just started learning Norwegian, you will soon discover that she speaks a weird kind of Norwegian (she’s from Trondheim). But don’t worry too much about this. Ida has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, has worked as a mother tongue teacher in English and Swahili and served time as a freelance journalist, translator, maid and cashier. She is truly one of the people.

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