Sasha A. Schriber

Sasha A. Schriber

CEO of Nanos
Zurich, Switzerland
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Sasha is the founder and CEO of Nanos, a truly glorious tech venture that is seriously disrupting the digital media industry through… simplicity.

What Sansha set out to do was demystify online advertising and marketing. Together with her machine learning technologists, programmers, marketing experts and content wizzards, she has built an amazing app that makes the whole process super simple.

So now, regardelss of of how deep your knowledge is, or how big you business is, you have an app that enables you to plan, design and launch a multi-platform maketing campaign. Or, in simple-speak, perfectly target your target audience! Sasha and her crew believe that techology should help small businesses, start-ups and indeed any person who needs to market and sell something.

Prior to launching Nanos Sasha spent 7 years at Disney Research in Zurich where, amongst other roles, she was head of Digital Platforms. Her academic qualifications are as long as your arm – so it’s little wonder she has seven publications under her belt (and no less thatn 13 patents).

A bright intelligent women democatising the media world and opening up the power of marketing online to all. That’s why she’s her on Globally Spotted.

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Zurich-based Nanos aims to support small businesses in bringing their digital marketing to the next level by creating and placing Ad campaigns across multiple digital platforms in less than 10 minutes. The beta version is now live in the US, Canada and Europe.

Written by: Ritah Ayebare Nyakato
Sasha A. Schriber

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