Yasmin Greenaway

Yasmin Greenaway

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Yasmin Greenaway is a woman with an impressive career spanning both voluntary and corporate organisations. A woman who knew that working hard, passion and drive were important to her from a young age as she worked with a variety of organisations promoting diversity and youth projects. These provided the basis of her career, together with an education in Political science and Government and Technology Entrepreneurship,

But it is her passion for empowering people to control their own wellbeing that encouraged her to found Base Plus.

Yasmin recognised that women needed to be able to have control over their own wellbeing and that skincare was a large part of this.This is how Base Plus began. This is a skincare solution that allows people to completely personalise their skincare routine, something that is missing from the UK market.

Not one to rush perfection, Yasmin spent a full year developing the base product and is rightly proud of her achievement. Now, when you come to buy your skincare serum from Base Plus, you can truly personalise every aspect by adding the ingredients that work best for your skin to the innovative base cream. There is no mixing or hassle when your product arrives as there are with many ‘personalised’ skincare products. Your product is complete, bespoke, and delivered to you ready-to-use.

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