Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks

Founder & CEO of Sphere
Vancouver, Canada
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Business is a vessel for impact. For me, it’s all about creating solutions and experiences that support our connectivity to ourselves and the world. My very first business, Blo, lived up to that by serving women with faster, more affordable and convenient hairstyling. Maybe it’s not obvious to you how that helps women? Let me lay it down: by improving and streamlining this service, Blo gave women back 35 minutes or more of their day to focus on what matters to them at that moment; plus, what do you really get when your hair looks great? Confidence. Ask any woman and she’ll testify.

Since exiting my first business, Blo, I’ve spent half a decade digging into purpose and leadership supporting hundreds of creatives, professionals, start-ups, and founders in articulating and realizing their potential in my work as a coach.

Now I’m living out this mission in a new business, Sphere. And my sights are set on transforming the personal-development landscape by scaling the impact of coaching. Sphere reimagines the way guidance is accessed and delivered. The Sphere app streamlines an intuitive matching algorithm that connects best-fit Guides and Seekers and handles everything on the spot from booking and payment, to having sessions and tracking progress. We make it effortless for Guides to grow their practice, and for Seekers to grow as people. Personal coaching made accessible, seamless and totally approachable.

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Serial Entrepreneur Devon Brooks Taps Into The Popularity Of Coaching For Her New Venture
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The Globe and Mail - Mar 12, 2019
Serial Entrepreneur Devon Brooks Taps Into The Popularity Of Coaching For Her New Venture

“We are not creating the Craigslist of coaches,” Ms. Brooks said. “[This is] the brand and marketing engine that’s going to bring coaching to the masses.”

Written by: David Ebner

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