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Health & Wellbeing
Holly Health Holly Health

The Holly Health app is a science-backed digital health coach that supports you with personalised and adaptive habit recommendations and reminders. Combining psychology with technology, Holly Health supports individuals to prioritise, achieve, and…

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Apparel & Fashion
Alivia Alivia

Alivia is a direct-to-consumer contemporary apparel brand making radiant womenswear inspired by the expressions of creators with developmental disabilities.  Alivia gives a voice and platform to those with disabilities, sharing…

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Byway Byway

At Byway, we help customers explore the world by travelling through it, not flying over it. Our mission: to make flight-free travel mainstream. Byway offers joyful holidays by train, boat…

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Light Garden Wellness Co Light Garden Wellness Co

Battling with anxiety and chronic stress? Light Garden Wellness is an award-winning self-care and CBD company created to help ambitious humans with high functioning anxiety achieve inner calm, experience more…

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Consumer Goods
Fluus Fluus

Fluss is a personal hygiene company redefining the new ‘good enough’. They’ve developed the market’s only certified flushable and 100% biodegradable and microplastic-free sanitary pads. Disintegrating away within minutes down…

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Consumer Goods
Package Free Package Free

We’re Package Free: an ecosystem of brands on a mission to make the world less trashy. We believe that access to sustainable products and resources that positively benefit people and…

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