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Rubies in the Rubble Rubies in the Rubble

The amount of perfectly OK fresh food that gets wasted because of imbalances in the food chain is shocking (see below). Equally shameful is the vast quantities of fruit and…

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Altså Magazine Altså Magazine

Altså is a quarterly feminist magazine which launched on 8th March 2019, coinciding with International Women’s Day. Founder, Ida Eliassen-Coker, has set out her mission to bring the latest, most…

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Computer Software
Play Magnus Play Magnus

Chess is for everyone, regardless of the shade of your skin, your age, gender or skill level! So, go and download Play Magnus. It is a fantastic app that allows…

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Apparel & Fashion
Buy Me Once Buy Me Once

Poorly made, wasteful products could be a thing of the past if BuyMeOnce continues to thrive. Their aim is simple: find a version of every product that can stand the…

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Artificial Intelligance
Develop Diverse Develop Diverse

Develop Diverse wants to make your business more profitable and innovative. It wants you  to be focused on maximising productivity, better at understanding your customers and to outperform your peer…

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Miraculum Fire Miraculum Fire

Miraculum™ is a new, eco-friendly solution for assisting in preventing and extinguishing a variety of fires. It also has products to combat mould and mildew. Many fire retardant products include…

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