Buy into diversity.

Empowering the next billion women entrepreneurs, producers, manufacturers, and employers to show up and be visible. One find at a time.

It all starts with finding on Globally Spotted

You may say we’re a Global Discovery Engine. And you’d be right. But we prefer the term a Global Discovery Home for women-owned and female-led and founded companies. A place where anyone looking for ways to invest in women’s economic potential in business can do so by spending their consumer dollar, time or influence towards positive impact. Towards more diversity in business. One company, one profile, one feature, one talk, one share, one find at a time.

Babou Olengha-Aaby, Founder & CEO

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Your invitation to show up

There are over 200 million women-owned businesses worldwide. Are you one of them?  We’d love to invite you to put your company on the map today by showcasing it on Globally Spotted, for just $1 a month

Because it’s time. To be found. To be seen. To be discovered. To be recognised.

Are you ready to show up?


Women-owned businesses globally still, remain undiscovered.  

We’re on a mission to change that. Help us bring that number down to zero. 

How it pays to show up on Globally Spotted?

Raise funds

We’re not your typical search engine. We’re people-powered and impact-driven.

We re-invest the majority of the revenue we earn from company listing fees into The Next Billion Impact Fund: The world’s first annual rolling fund, powered by women-owned businesses. Money from our Impact Fund will be used to fund the most promising women-owned and led ventures listed on Globally Spotted.

So by listing your company on Globally Spotted, you will be actively contributing towards helping us raise the largest fund available for female-founded companies globally. 


Raise your sales

Show up and be found by a growing generation of globally conscious consumers looking to use their purchasing power to buy products and services that align with their values. That support diversity in business.



Raise your exposure

Show up and be found by journalists worldwide looking to diversify their sources of inspiration and shift the balance towards more parity in reporting. And we promise to share your featured stories here with the worldwide web.  



Raise your profile

Show up and gain visual recognition for your work. And in the process help us inspire the next generation of women entrepreneurs, producers, manufacturers, employers and leaders. Because you can not be what you do not see!


Raise your voice

Show up and be found by an increasing number of conference organisers across the globe looking to diversify their speaker’s programmes and amplify women’s voices. And we promise, we’ll share your talks here with the worldwide web. 



Unlock access to growth opportunities

Show up and unlock access to growth opportunities in the form of curated enterprise tools and services offered by our carefully selected Growth Partners, who like us believe that investing in women makes for smart economics and business sense. 

Our Founding Growth Partners