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About Us

Beryl is a brilliant cycling company whose goals are local, global and totally humane. Its main ambition is to make cities greener by contributing to an urban transport system that is sustainable and safe. To do that, it wants people to cycle more.

The first products that it launched were an astonishing range of laser lights for cyclists. These products came in a broad range of price brackets and sported stunning technology that made Beryl’s bike lights some of the coolest (and brightest) on the market. The thinking was that if you can make cycling safer – and making cyclists more visible to cars is crucial – you would be tearing down a barrier to getting more people on two green wheels. Among the wares currently on offer are super-bright flexible lights for helmets and an incredibly effective (and simple to install) red light for the back of a bike. Just like on a car, this red light beams brighter when a cyclist applies the brakes.

After the laser lights met with success, it set its sights on providing its own green bikes through bike-share schemes. Its mantra, repeated often and true every time, is that there is no better way to get around a city than on a bike!

At present, Beryl’s bike-share is operating in London, Watford, Hereford, Bournemouth and Norwich in the UK.

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