Light Garden Wellness Co

Light Garden Wellness Co

  • IndustryWellbeing
  • Year founded2021
  • FounderIrene Moore
  • Globally spotted by Babou Olengha-Aaby
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About Us

Battling with anxiety and chronic stress? Light Garden Wellness is an award-winning self-care and CBD company created to help ambitious humans with high functioning anxiety achieve inner calm, experience more focus and enjoy a better and deeper quality of sleep.

Born in the UK the brand offers premium-grade CBD products that have been independently lab tested for purity & potency, ensuring their 100% tfc free. Light Garden Wellness also delivers uplifting wellbeing events and education to help customers find the light in their day.

The brand is also committed to doing their part for the environment. They plant a tree with every purchase made, thanks to a partnerships with One Tree Planted.

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