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Play Magnus

  • IndustryComputer Software
  • Year founded2014
  • FounderKate Murphy
  • Globally spotted by Claudia Menger
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About Us

Chess is for everyone, regardless of the shade of your skin, your age, gender or skill level! So, go and download Play Magnus. It is a fantastic app that allows fans of world renowned chess player Magnus Carlsen to play against an app version of Magnus himself.

Built with a chess engine designed to replicate the great chess players’ own abilities at different ages, you can play, lose, win and have fun along the way. You can earn points to unlock features such as the ability to show move suggestions.

With a total of 19 different levels this app is the perfect way to test your abilities, train and improve your game!

But, I hear you ask, how many people are actually interested in chess? Well, if you take a quick look, you’ll soon discover that the chess world has approximately 600 million players and fans worldwide (Bloomberg). So, you’ll not be short of playing partners. Of course, from a business perspective, this market is immense in scope, something that co-founders Kate Murphy and Magnus Carlsen himself are very much aware of.

Your move.

  • Chess
  • Digital
  • Game
  • Gaming
  • Interactive Game
  • Norwegian
  • Online
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