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About Us

Poorly made, wasteful products could be a thing of the past if BuyMeOnce continues to thrive. Their aim is simple: find a version of every product that can stand the test of time.

Leading the charge in the fight against the throwaway culture (not to mention the planned obsolescence culture) is founder Tara Button. She had a brainwave after receiving a Le Creuset cooking pot as a gift in 2013. Le Creuset are famous for the lifetime guarantees on their wares. She was inspired and buying for life became her new mantra. With the bit between her teeth, she dedicated the next three years of her life to building a website that stocked the largest range of the longest-lasting products in the world.

Creating a boutique of forever items was only the start for Tara. She got the sustainability bug. She and her team are now also campaigning for a law forcing manufactures to clearly indicate the product lifespan before someone buys their goods. They also campaign heartily against all aspects of the one-time-use and general ‘throw away culture’ that pervades many sectors.

Like any entrepreneur who has succeeded, Tara has had a bit of luck here and there. Her business got a bit of a break from a Button BuyMeOnce was amplified by a fluke Telegraph article which led to it appearing across a multitude of UK news platforms and becoming a viral hit on social media.

Although still a young, small company they have certainly made their presence known on an international stage and are determined to carry on being one of the most disruptive businesses in the fight against wasteful practises.

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