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Develop Diverse wants to make your business more profitable and innovative. It wants you  to be focused on maximising productivity, better at understanding your customers and to outperform your peer group. If you’re thinking that all these ideas are worth pursuing, you should take a long hard look at Develop Diverse’s product.

It is a simple AI-based software tool that promotes inclusive writing in any adverts you place to hire talent. Now, that might sound like a fluffy and overly-PC goal to aim for, but there is a mountain of research that it is the ideal way to recruit

The software analyses recruitment content with a view to detecting implicit and explicit bias and stereotypes – be they related to ethnicity, gender, age, or qualification. Simultaneously, it effortlessly suggests alternative ways to communicate your real HR needs to the target talent pool. The goal is always to find the right candidate for you.

Develop Diverse is proud to claim that its product works on many different levels. It says that companies using its system have seen increases of up to 30% in the overall response to their adverts. The number of female applicants has risen by up to 20%. These are impressive stats, as is the simple truth that businesses with greater ethnic and gender diversity tend to financially outperform their peer group by around 35%.

While the system is based on a sophisticated AI and psycholinguistic research framework, it is super simple to use and speeds up the entire recruitment process, saving you time, money, and other valuable resources.

So, if you want a workforce dedicated to your ideals, fully engaged with each other and keen to deploy their valuable array of talents, make sure it is diverse. This impressive bit of kit is a great starting point.

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