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Wellness & Fitness
hejhej-mats hejhej-mats

Have you ever thought about what happens to your yoga mat when you stop using it? The sustainable yoga mat from hejhej wants to give you exactly this food for…

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The Next Billion The Next Billion

We’re a for-impact first, profit driven company on a bold mission to close the visibility gap for women in business globally. Raising the visibility of the next the next billion women…

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DAME is an award-winning brand rethinking personal care by reducing its environmental footprint without compromising on performance or design. They make period products for people and planet. DAME launched the…

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Bobly Inc. Bobly Inc.

Hey, you, RETAILER, want to gather good customer data? Want to improve customer satisfaction? Want to increase sales from loyal customers? Want to convert in-store visitors to regular buyers? Of…

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Apparel & Fashion
Proclaim Proclaim

Proclaim is an inclusive nude lingerie brand made in Los Angeles from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. We are founded on the principes that fashion should represent all women and…

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Adele Dejak Adele Dejak

Adèle Dejak is a African-inspired jewellery brand based in Nairobi, Kenya. They create handmade fashion accessories for the modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman using recycled and sustainable material sourced locally.…

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