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Sophie Zepnik

Co-Founder of hejhej-mats
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Anna Souvignier and I started to develop hejhej-mats during our Master Programme in Leadership for Sustainability in Sweden. With hejhej-mats we are offering the first holistic closed-looped yoga mat. This means, our yoga mats are not only produced from recycled materials but will be recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

In October/November 2017 we conducted a crowdfunding campaign to gather financial resources and test the demand for our recycled yoga mats. hejhej-mats got 114% funded. We took part in a stationary market research together with JOSEPHS (department of the Fraunhofer Institute) to get final feedback on our yoga mats before starting the first production batch.

Our sustainable yoga mats got launched on the 8th of July of 2018 and can be ordered at We have developed the first closed-loop yoga mat, when the development of our second product started, we were 100% convinced to design it closed-loop as well. Our crowdfunding campaign for our sustainable yoga mat bag was successful which means that we can now start the production of our hejhej-bags.
Our vision is to revolutionize the yoga industry in a circular way.

photo credit: Maria-Bayer

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