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The Next Billion

Deliverying Visibility-as-a-Service to women in business globally.
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About Us

We’re a for-profit, for-impact driven startup on a bold mission to raise the visibility of one billion women in business globally. Empowering the next billion women entrepreneurs, producers, manufacturers, business owners and leaders to show up. To be found, to be seen,  to be discovered, to be recognised.

Our longterm vision is to change the way we see business. One woman,  one find,  one company, one shoot, one profile, one industry at a time.


Our How

We’re a VaaS company that sees and does things differently. Meaning, we build products and services that delivery Visibility-as-a-Service to women in business globally,  that minimise un/conscious bias and advocate for more mindfulness and diversity in business. We do so, by leveraging Technology, the power of the Crowd, Storytelling and Visuals.


Our What

Our current portfolio of VaaS products includes: 

Globally Spotted – a Global Discovery Engine for women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs. We’re not your typical search engine. We’re a discovery-led, impact-driven and people-powered engine with a highly visual and editorial feel. We don’t use algorithms to power our search results, but instead engage and mobilise a crowdsourced community of global spotters to help us find, spot and map women-owned businesses from across the globe onto Globally Spotted.

Globally Spotted is a place where everyone and anyone looking to support the growth of women-owned and led companies can do so by finding businesses, products, services, inspiration and buy into diversity. Buy women-owned.


Profile[me] – An on-demand portrait photography platform for women in business offering 20mins photoshoots at an accessible price, powered by a crowdsourced community of freelance photographers. We are currently operating in 11 cities in Europe. Profile[me] was born from our desire to empower women in business to show up and take ownership of their visual narrative and identity and gain visual recognition for their work and achievements. We leverage technology through AI editing and the use of Invisible Digital Watermarking to optimise and differentiate our service from a mere photography service to an on-demand visibility-as-a-service platform.


Our Why

Why Women, why now? Because it’s time. Because women represent the majority of the world’s population, 1.2 billion of the world’s active workforce, 75% of it’s unpaid care workers, they own and run over 200 million businesses worldwide, hold 70-80% of the global consumer purchasing power and represent a market opportunity greater than China and India combined. Yet, women continue to ‘show up’ short in every socio-economic metric that matters. Simply put women’s contribution remains under-valued, under-capitalised, un-recognised. And we’re on a mission to change that through the lens of visibility.


Why visibility matters? Because we believe that by closing the visibility gap for women in business globally, we can accelerate women’s economic participation by unlocking access to growth opportunities: Access to markets, to capital, to jobs,  tonetworks, to visible role models as well as business and self-development opportunities and more.

And in doing so,  we help unlock the multiplier effect of investing in women: Access to better education, healthcare, nutritional choices as well as lower poverty, infant mortality and the effects of climate change. Investing in raising women’s visibility doesn’t only make smart economics and business sense. It’s a win-win for all. So what will your contribution be?


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