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Alina Alina

A Latvian company, ALINA works primarily with the coatings industry and markets a new, cutting-edge material that prevents a range of microbes, fungi, and moulds from growing on the exterior…

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Apparel & Fashion
Alivia Alivia

Alivia is a direct-to-consumer contemporary apparel brand making radiant womenswear inspired by the expressions of creators with developmental disabilities.  Alivia gives a voice and platform to those with disabilities, sharing…

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Altså Magazine Altså Magazine

Altså is a quarterly feminist magazine which launched on 8th March 2019, coinciding with International Women’s Day. Founder, Ida Eliassen-Coker, has set out her mission to bring the latest, most…

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Ama Balm Ama Balm

This venture makes amazing natural balms for those who live life to the full in the great outdoors. The company was created by Jo Higgins, an inspirational Kiwi who knows…

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Arthronica Arthronica

If you’re living with an arthritic condition or trying to recover from joint surgery, you should take a keener interest in Arthronica. It is a digital health tech start-up that…

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Arukay Arukay

Arukay is led by Ana Victoria Ricaurte, a woman who has been feted as one of the most innovative and energetic forces in Colombia and the wider Latin American world.…

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