Vicky Ricaurte

Vicky Ricaurte

Co-founder & CEO of Arukay
Bogota, Columbia
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Ana Victoria Ricaurte is a woman who has been feted as one of the most innovative and energetic forces in Colombia and the wider Latin American world.

Her business is a curriculum teaching and learning system for schools that follows a child’s entire educational journey through the school system. What it focuses on is computational thinking and coding that are related to challenges in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths).

Ricaurte’s goal is to help more than 100 million students learn to code by 2025 – and when you listen to her passion for children, her concern for teachers and her hopes for the wider world, you will soon realise that this is just the start of her ambition.

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Arukay, What Is It And Why Is It Important?
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Latin America Post - Dec 13, 2019
Arukay, What Is It And Why Is It Important?

This STEM teaching system made Ana Victoria Ricaurte, head of Arukay, the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneur in the region.

Written by: Luisa Fernanda Báez Toro
Vicky Ricaurte

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