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If you’re living with an arthritic condition or trying to recover from joint surgery, you should take a keener interest in Arthronica. It is a digital health tech start-up that was spun-out from the bioengineering department of Imperial College London in 2018. Progress since then has been swift. It was recently selected as one of the top 10 cutting-edge, London-based, women-led businesses picked to present at TechInvest in June as part of London Tech Week 2020.

In terms of its product, Arthronica deploys artificial Intelligence for patient monitoring and rehabilitation in a bid to reduce chronic pain and support doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritic conditions.

Arthronica enables you to get support for chronic join inflammation with tailored exercises and medication reminders while visualising your progress throughout treatment. Recovery can be optimised after joint surgery via remote consultations with your doctor to check your progress.

Rheumatologists can remotely check how patients are responding to treatments, while physiotherapists and surgeons can provide online support to optimise their patient’s recovery. In addition, Arthronica supports drug delivery and development as it has a companion diagnostic software function.

So far, Arthronica has won funding support from Research England, Entrepreneur First, an international talent Investor scheme which supports individuals to build technology companies, and the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre.

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