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Glowee Glowee

Sandra Rey is an entrepreneur that will light up your life – both with the force of her personality and the bioluminescence tech she hopes will replace conventional lighting. Sandra…

Year founded
Sandra Rey
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Wrappily Wrappily

Sara Smith is the founder of Wrappily, an eco-friendly and adorably chic outfit that is changing how we present gifts. What Sara has done is deliver a whole new take…

Year founded
Sara Smith
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Computer Software
Mental Canvas Mental Canvas

Mental Canvas is a software company that is developing a new class of graphical-media-design system that lies between today’s 2D digital draw-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems, combining the…

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Ahiida Ahiida

In 2003, while watching her niece playing netball uncomfortably in a traditional hijab and veil, Aheda Zanetti, founder of Ahiida – had a stroke of genius. She saw a gap…

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Environmental Services
Ignitia Weather Ignitia Weather

Liisa is the founder and CEO of Ignitia. When she first started Ignitia, she had one goal in mind – to develop a forecasting model that also worked in the…

Year founded
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GlamST GlamST

Glamst is quite possibly the most fun you will ever have with a digital make-up App. Download it onto your phone or iPad and then get ready to discover all…

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