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In 2003, while watching her niece playing netball uncomfortably in a traditional hijab and veil, Aheda Zanetti, founder of Ahiida – had a stroke of genius. She saw a gap in the fashion and activewear market for athletes and sports enthusiasts like her niece, who followed different faiths and lifestyles, but still wanted the freedom to play sports without their clothes being a burden to their performance.

Feeling inspired, she decided to address the issue.  She began a search for sporting garments suitable for Muslim women. But no such luck. And so she conceived – Ahiida – a modest swimwear and sportwear brand catering for Muslim women and girls. Ahiida range the Burkini Swimwear and Hijood Sportswear range. Both innovative and patented designs developed to reflect and celebrate Islamic values. Ahiida clothing offers Muslim women the freedom to participate in sporting, swimming and day-to-day activities with confidence.

Today the company’s Burkini designs have been embraced beyond people of Muslim faith. Supporters and customers of Ahiida’s swimwear and active sportwear lines range from skin cancer survivors in need of extra sun protection, to those shy-er souls wanting to retain some sense of mystery and not bare all.

Ahiida’s range provides freedom, ease and comfort with built-in modesty. Designed to empower women and young girls of all faiths and body shapes to enjoy and excel at sports and water activities.

This is a swimwear brand that’s proving that swimming in your own lane and modesty in business does pays off . It’s all about choice.

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