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What was worse than playing netball in a traditional hijab and veil? Well, not a lot if you were a competitive athlete and loved playing the game. But what this example (and many others) demonstrated was that there was an obvious gap in the fashion and sports market. A gap that meant athletes and enthusiasts who followed different faiths and lifestyles, but still wanted to play sports without clothes causing problems, had very few options.

In 2003, Aheda Zanetti, founder of Ahiida, was inspired to address the issue when watching her niece playing netball uncomfortably in a traditional hijab and veil. She began a search for sporting garments suitable for Muslim women. After surveying the market, Ahiida pioneered the design of high quality Burkini Swimwear and Hijood Sportswear that were in line with Islamic values. They allowed Muslim women the choice to participate in sporting, swimming and day-to-day activities with confidence.

The stylish kit she developed has found favour with more than just people of faith. Supporters of the Ahiida line of products come from the likes of skin cancer survivors who need extra sun protection, to those with body shapes that didn’t conform to what might be deemed ‘conventional’, all the way over to those who might just be a wee bit shy!

The products provide freedom, ease and comfort with built-in modesty. They inspire many women to enjoy and excel at sports and water activities.

Its all about choice.

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